Hi guys, my name is Jen Armbruster

Get to know Head Trainer Jen

Hi guys, my name is Jen Armbruster and I am the AFG Head Personal Trainer! We felt it was a good idea to get to know me so you feel comfortable and confident entering into training programs with Aviation Fitness Group.

Who I am as a trainer:

Reaching and sustaining a healthy lifestyle means something different for everyone. Maybe to you it means losing 50lbs, standing on a podium at your next marathon, playing catch with the grandchildren or passing the medical for your pilot’s license. No matter what your goals are, maintaining physical health and creating healthy habits are important.

As a trainer, I specialize in creating unique exercises that work for your lifestyle, your schedule and of course your goals and aspirations. My training style is based on the belief that everyone has a type of movement that is fun and enjoyable for them. I will help you find yours, then watch as you accomplish all of your goals.


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences from Indiana University
    • Concentration in Sport and Exercise Science
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

I have experience with clients who:

  • Have jobs that take them out of town for weeks at a time
  • Are obese
  • Have never exercised before
  • Are athletes
  • Were just recently cleared from physical therapy
  • Have heart conditions

Five fun facts about me: 

  • I have more energy at 5 a.m. than most people have in a week
  • I can run a triathlon smiling the whole time, but I complain about 10 minutes of stretching
  • When I say I took my husband on a date that really means we went flying
  • My 3 dogs are my best friends
  • If I’m not working then I’m out running

My husband is a dedicated lifetime aviation professional. I understand the unique challenges of the aviation industry and will work to tailor programs that fit your unique and difficult lifestyle. Together, we will accomplish a healthy active program you can be proud of.

Join us!